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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to replace my roof if it leaks?

Not necessarily, leaks can happen for a variety of reasons; from easily repairable problems with “flashing conditions” (where a/c units, vents or skylights are located) to more complicated issues of extreme wear. Our representative will come out and assess the situation for you, at no charge.

We will provide you with a written estimate of the cost associated with your problem and tell you exactly what work is necessary.

Tip: Don’t wait for the roof to leak, we’d be happy to come out and give you a free maintenance assessment.


What should I do if my roof is leaking?

Put a bucket under the leak to catch the water!   Then call us immediately. We will send a member of our service staff out ASAP to fix the problem. We are at your service.

Is there anything I can do to save money on my energy bills?

Yes, if you choose one of Roofing for Children's Cool Roof Systems combined with additional roof-top insulation you can make a major impact on your energy bills. Call us for more information at 1-855-655-INFO (4636) or Local 1-214-916-0030

What should I do when my roof gets dirty?

Call Roofing for Children for maintenance. Depending on your specific situation and roof type, we will remove leaves and debris; clean and coat your roof; and periodically check your roof for leaks to maintain maximum energy efficiency.

What type of Warranty do you offer?

Warranties are always dependent on the roof system selected and the scope of the work that we perform; and range anywhere from 1 year up to 50 years. The best way to select a roof is not on a warranty basis. Instead, focus on selecting the right roof system for your particular needs. Your Roofing for Children representative can show you how to do this, provide information and guidance about material performance, and work within your budget.


How long will it take to service my roof?

Each roof job is different; it really depends on the nature of the job. Simple repairs can take much less time than a complete replacement. When we give you a bid, we specify the scope of the work to be provided. You will receive a budget that will reflect the exact number of man hours needed to complete your project. Your account manager will review the information with you and provide a reasonable forecast for completion; so you’ll know just what to expect.


Is roof maintenance really important?

Routine maintenance extends the life of your roof. The National Roofing Contractors Association states: “…once the roof is installed, nothing is more critical to its long-term performance than establishing a program of regular inspections and proper maintenance”. If you perform regular preventative maintenance you can in some cases double the life of the roof system. Roofing for Children offers routine maintenance programs. You can choose different levels of coverage that are tailored to your budget. Ask your Roofing for Children representative for details.


Are your workers Bi-Lingual?

We are proud to be a diverse workforce. You will always have both English and Spanish speaking field personnel on every job site. 


The Company

How long has Roofing for Children been in business?

Roofing for Children has been serving the Dallas - Fort Worth area since 2011. We have a crew with over 25 years experience in both residential - commercial roofing and property restoration. Our goal is to extend the life or your roof and maintain a positive working relationship with you while promoting the need of helpless children locally and abroad.

Why should I choose Roofing for Children?

We look at every new client as the beginning of a new relationship with an eye toward providing first, an honest appraisal of their roofing needs; second, work of the highest integrity;  finally and perhaps most telling, Roofing for children is not only in the roofing business but in the tangible expression of Gods love to children.

A high  percent of our business comes from  referrals your satisfaction guarantees our success


We are roofing people. Our staff loves the roofing industry and helping children, dedicating themselves to understanding every facet of the roofing business  and new innovated ways to protect and rescue the helpless. 

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