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Homeowners Guide to Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claims



If your home has been damaged, exposure to the elements may greatly increase the amount of damage to you home. Many insurance policies limit your time to file a claim, so don't wait until you have water dripping through the ceiling, mold in the attic, or your roof caves in to call your insurance company. It might be too late to file a valid storm damage claim.

Be wary of insurance company "approved" contractors who have a financial incentive to save the insurance company money at your expense. Protect yourself by hiring a reputable contractor to represent your best interests. You have paid your homeowners insurance, so make sure you get the maximum value for your claim. Roofing for Children is here to help and protect your property.

Insurance Claim Tips
  • Don't Delay! Most insurance policies limit your time to file a claim

  • You can't be singled out for a rate increase due to storm damage

  • Roofing for Children is an Insurance restoration contractors advocate for you

  • Always hire the best contractor, not the cheapest -- We give you the best for your money !

  • Beware of insurance company "approved" contractors 

  • Always do your homework and understand your rights -- We can Help !


Insurance Claims Process

Filing a storm damage insurance claim can be a frustrating and confusing process. You should remember that your insurance company is in business to make money and may try to deny your claim. So Roofing for Children created a 7 Step Guide to make the claims process easy to understand.


Step 1: Assess the storm damage. Record the date of the storm, signs of damage you can see from the ground, and take pictures of any damage. Search online for news stories of the storm hitting your area, so you have proof if it is ever required. -- Roofing for children can provide you with a train professional inspector that can inspect, access, & document all damage to your property

Step 2: Contact Roofing for Children at 1-855-.655-INFO (4636).  We will performs a full property inspection, including the roof, windows, siding, AC units, screens, concrete and all other exterior surfaces.

Step 3: Read your insurance policy carefully and contact the claims department of your insurance company directly, or allow one of our train professionals to do it for you. We will be prepared to provide pictures, date of storm and any required documents for the insurance company.

Step 4: Request an insurance adjuster inspection. Insist your contractor is present during the adjuster inspection. Your contractor's job is to make sure the adjuster plays fair, and provides you with a fair assessment. Remember, the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and may have an incentive to deny your claim, if they think they can.

Step 5: If your claim is denied, don't worry. You are entitled to meet with three insurance adjusters. Remember, even a small amount of damage should result in an approved claim. Any type of damage can devalue your home and damage should be fixed immediately before it leads to greater damage down the road. In such cases we will be there for any additional inspections to ensure all fair payments.

Step 6: Once your claim is approved your insurance company will send you 2 separate payments and a copy of they estimate. Make sure your Roofing for Children representative reviews this estimate as to insure nothing was left out at a fair market value was payed for all damage.  Note:  The first payment, or materials deposit, covers the cost of materials and we will need it to start the job. Don't stress you can hold the first check until we deliver materials to your property or day of installation, we understand your concern.

Step 7: We will then deliver material usually a day prior to installation on on day of installation. At Roofing for Children no additional payment is due until all the repairs are complete. Once your project has passed a city inspection ( if required), you will have a chance to approve the job before making final payment. We will make sure the job is done to your satisfaction before handing over the second payment.

Hail damage
hail damage


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