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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Roofing Project

How do I select the best roof system for my project?

Our team of roofing specialists is aware of the latest technology. They can quickly assess your roof condition and present the most efficient and economical options for you.

How soon can you start?

It usually takes 1-4 weeks to complete the testing, engineering and permit application. Once we get a permit we will insert your project into our schedule. It is extremely important that we match your product and roof system with the right group of trained application technicians. In some cases, this may add another week to our start time.

How many workers will you use on my roofing project?

Our goal is the same as yours – to complete the project with optimal results in the least amount of time at the right cost. With that in mind, we will provide the right number of technicians to complete the job.

How long will my new roof last?

We offer many options that have life cycles anywhere from 10 to 50 years; depending on the system selected. Every technology has a good, better and best option with varying degrees of longevity. Your roof will definitely last longer with proper maintenance. Routine maintenance, along with a well designed and properly installed system can as much as double a roof’s life.


  • Modified Bitumen: 12-25 yrs.

  • White Cool Roof Systems : 12-30 yrs.

  • Metal: 25-50 yrs.

  • Shingle: 25-40 yrs.

  • Tile: 20-50 yrs

  • Built-up: 10-25 yrs.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Warranties are always dependent on the roof system selected and the scope of work that is performed. We can provide you with warranties from 1 year up to 50 years. Don’t be mislead by the number of years referenced on the warranty. The National Roofing Contractors Association states: …”The length of a roofing warranty should not be the primary criterion in the selection of a roofing product or system …a long term warranty may be of little value to a consumer if the roof does not perform…The consumer is best served by: …proven merits of those products and systems best designed to serve the specific needs of the roofing consumer. NRCA believes that the roofing consumer, with the assistance of a roofing professional, should focus his purchase decision primarily on an objective and comparative analysis of proven roofing system options that best serve his specific roofing requirements and not on warranty time frames.”


How do you schedule your material deliveries?

Working closely with your on-site contact, we will schedule delivery dates and times that are suitable for both parties.


How often do you remove the debris and trash?

As required. We are not dependent on others. By providing a truck, trailer or dumpster’s this reduces the build up of debris and trash at the job site. All jobs are cleaned up by our crew during and after every installation, then carefully inspected by your Roofing for Children representative.



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