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Mission Trip to Peru 2013

Roofing for Children was proud to sponsor a mission’s trip to Peru in September of


Fabian and Rebekah Sanchez were blessed to visit Casa de Rescate

Children’s Boarding Home in Iquitos, Peru. Casa de Rescate means, “House of


Iquitos is the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by land. It is on the

edge of a subsidiary of the Amazon River in the middle of rainforest. Iquitos has

between 400-500,000 inhabitants.

The Children’s Home started when a prison minister began a feeding program for

children of the inmates. He started feeding kids back in the 1990’s, and the more

children he fed, the more he felt the need and dreamt the dream of a Children’s

Home. In January of 2013, the first phase of the Boarding Home was completed, and

the first children moved in.

Many of the children at the home come from surrounding jungle communities

outside of the city, and when they come in, all of them are full of headlice and

parasites. When they come into the home, most have never been to see a doctor.

Their tummies are swollen from the parasites and they eat voraciously because they

are not used to having enough food. Only a few of the kids come into the home with

more than one change of clothes. They all have to be taught basic hygiene and how

to take care of themselves.

Only a few of the children in the home are orphans; most have parents who either

are so poor they cannot care for them, or are in bondage to addictions or simply do

not care to take care of their children.

Iquitos has major problems with child sex trafficking. All of the kids are at risk for

sexual abuse and child sex trafficking. Many have been victims of sexual abuse.

Almost all of the children have been over-exposed to things a precious child should

never see or hear.

Casa de Rescate is a light shining in a very dark place. The children are loved, and

taken care of. They receive three full meals a day, and are taught high moral values

that will change their lives and impact them for a lifetime; starkly contrasting to the

prostitution and drug lords around them. They love to sing, praise God, and to play.

Many of the children came in with bad behavior patterns, but through grace, love,

and practical teaching, are changing to be the best behaved!

Roofing for Children has partnered with Casa de Rescate financially since 2010 to

make a difference in children’s lives.

We want to thank you for being part of the Casa de Rescate by choosing Roofing for

Children. We also want to thank our sales representatives and staff who volunteered

time and finances to be able to help support the children at the home. This quarter,

Roofing for Children donations sponsored new furniture, clothing, and kitchen

equipment for the Boarding Home. Casa de Rescate is making a difference in many

children, one life at a time.


With your help, we are making a difference together!

If you would like to donate to help this cause, please contact our office.



Peru Mission trip// learn more


"Casa de Rescue" A CHILDREN'S RESCUE HOME IN IQUITOS PERU Roofing for Children has parter up with Word and Spirit Ministries Part of our profit giving is directed to help this new project that reaches out to Help Rescue Children that are at risk from or in: Sex Trafficking, Poverty, Physical Abuse, Homelessness & other harmful situations.

We want to Provide a Tangible Expression of the Love of Jesus Christ in a practical way.

Camp in the City is a mission of a local faith-based nonprofit. Camp in the City gives 

children who are marginalized a life-changing camp experience.We will accomplish

this mission through our 3-day camp program. The program is designed to train children in leadership skills, help children to develop healthy social skills, provide a safe place for children to play and give them an opportunity to find counsel and help for any of life’s challenges. 


Camp in the City partners with local businesses who desire to make an impact in their community and see the lives of children enriched by giving them opportunities they dream of such as a life-changing summer camp experience.  With partnership from local Grand Prairie businesses and surrounding areas, in 2016 we were able to specifically provide this experience for 150 and 2017 and 2018 the experience for 250 children in need in Grand Prairie!   


Camp in the City

2017 & 2018

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